US Marines use this as the foundation of their close quarter fighting skills. Since we introduced this to Escarmouche, it has become a runaway success.

An arena built from tyres, 2 competitors don Headguards and Pugil sticks and compete over 90 seconds.

Mission - Put your opponent on the floor or force them back against the tyres. You really need to be focused and durable to win this. What’s in your heart determines if you win this game or not!

Hugely satisfying regardless if you win or lose. You will love this! We have recently extended the arena. It now measures 45 feet x 25 feet and the ground is decked in a silky sand creating a soft, enjoyable flooring.


No it is not. Using headguards and Pugil sticks, this is an energetic, fun game that brings out the fighting spirit in you.
Each session lasts 2 minutes.
No, the spongy Pugil sticks and the head guards are designed to be used safely at all times. The ground surface is also very soft so that a fall to the ground is cushioned.
Yes at times depending on numbers, girls will fight boys. The days of inequality are gone so ladies and gents are treated equally.

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