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 – Women Events

We offer events that are open to ladies and gents, both compete alongside each other equally throughout all the experiences.

However 3 times a year we organise events for Ladies only. These events are geared towards people who want to mix with other ladies, who want to compete and challenge themselves throughout the event.

Our GAUNTLET EVENTS are a combination of activities that are as challenging as they are fun.

A structured event that requires your focus and attention. You will be facing tough and gruelling challenges. They will be varied and require individuality as well as team effort.


Who partakes?

As long as you are reasonably mobile you can take part. Girls from all walks of life, and all levels of fitness can and do take part in the activity. You do not need to be fit, as you can adopt a role within your team which best matches your level of fitness. Indeed, these events are as much about mental agility as physical fitness, because tactics, leadership, teamwork and judgment all play an important part.


    How Long will it last? These events last no more than 3 hours and starting times can be adjusted to suit your needs and timetable.
    Things to bring;

    Each person should bring the following:

      •  Trainers
      • Tracksuit bottoms or shorts/leggings,  and T shirt/sweat shirt (or other loose clothing)
      • A change of clothing
      • A willingness to get ‘stuck in’ and enjoy yourself!

    (If you do not wish to avail yourself of the ‘snack lunch’ option, please bring a packed lunch)


            Is there a format? Yes, this event will be structured and organised so you know excactly what you will have to do.
            What are the challenges? We have designed a number of activities that require teamwork as well as individuality. Obstacle Course- GLADIATOR COMBAT ARENA-FOOSBALL-TARGET RANGE SHOOTING-TYRE FLIPPING-TUG OF WAR- & So much more.
            Optional Extras

            We are happy to arrange or provide the following services for your convenience, at an additional but very competitive price.

              • Snack lunch of sandwich, soft drink and chocolate bar.
              • Transport to and from our site.
              • A pair of gloves
              • Post-paintball meal in a local pub / restaurant