These will literally blow you away!

Our Assault course is tough! Make no bones about it, but it is also very enjoyable.

Throughout this challenge, you will be forced to RUN…WALK…CRAWL…JUMP….LIFT…PULL…PUSH….LEAP….ROLL…TUMBLE…

13 obstacles of challenges that require you to focus and commit. You and your team will get an opportunity of completing this course 3 times.

At the beginning you will compete individually where you will have to push yourself right to the end against other members of your team. Then we break up into teams where you will compete against all the teams.

Lastly you must start and end as a unit where the last person across in your team stops the clock.


Yes, we've had kids as young as 8 and a gentleman as old as 74 take part and complete the course.
I think the fun is completing it. There is no doubt about it, this is not easy, and of course it is not impossible either. You go at your own pace. We will assist you throughout the challenge in case you need our help. Feel free to accept it.
Probably a few times, and you will get up again and continue on.
It will be both. You get a chance to race around as an individual and again as a team with the quickest team home winning?
Average finish time is 1 minutes 45 seconds.

Escarmouche - Shane's Castle

Ireland’s largest Paintball & Multi-Activity Park just 20mins from Belfast