£15.00 90 minutes

Our Lasertag is played using state of the art LASER GUNS that shoot a beam as straight as the eye can see. The military grade scopes have red dot sights, place these beams on your target and “light em up”

You and your team will be dressed in Camouflage Uniforms & Camo Face Paint. You will get to play on all our Game Maps both urban and forest based.


Guns have unlimited shots, no extra charge for more ammunition.


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Paintball – without the paint!

Lasertag is a fun alternative to Paintball and Airsoft, where you can experience the adventure and adrenaline of running around the Paintball game zones, diving from barricades and trenches, playing team based games like Flag Capture, but with no projectiles, so therefore without the need for restrictive safety items like Goggles and Body Armour!

Laser Tag is a fun and enjoyable option to experience the spirit of Paintball, without firing projectiles. The Laser Tag guns use infra-red technology, fired from the barrel of the Laser Guns, and sensors on a headband, and on the top of the guns to register the infra-red beams, and detect a hit. The Laser guns are incredible accurate to a range of 1000+ metres.

Due to the game being totally safe, it is great for schools and children’s parties. Players aged 8+ can come play at Laser Tag , where they will receive the latest Laser equipment, as well as camo suits and hats.

Laser games at ESCARMOUCHE are ideal for team building, corporate events, and private party laser games.

We can also come to you, and set up our custom purpose Laser Tag inflatable arena in an area of your choice. For a day to always remember, call our booking line on 07774 636254



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