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What is - Paintball

Quite simply, paintball is one of the most exciting sports that you will ever play!

It has enjoyed extraordinary growth in the last 5 years and is now recognised as the fastest growing sport in the world.

Two teams armed with paintball markers (guns) that shoot paint pellets, defend their own flag and must devise a plan to capture the other teams flag, by eliminating members of the other team.

It is a mixture of chess and hide and seek, with a large dose of adrenaline thrown in.

Games are played in a beautiful forest setting and last 10 minutes each. A total of around 12 games are played during a fun packed day.

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Experience a day like no other – come and experience Escarmouche Paintball. All bookings are subject to availability.


As long as you are reasonably mobile you can play paintball. People from all walks of life, and all levels of fitness can and do take part in the activity. You do not need to be fit, as you can adopt a role within your team which best matches your level of fitness. Indeed, paintball is as much about mental agility as physical fitness, because tactics, leadership, teamwork and judgment all play an important part.

Typical Groups

  •   Informal groups, e.g. stag and hen parties, birthday parties, end-of-term celebrations.

  •   Corporate groups, e.g. staff outings, special events for customers.

  •   Organisations on training courses e.g. team building, leadership training, personal development, etc.
Depending on the time of year, you can play for as long as you wish. However a typical day of paintball would start with arrival on the site at around 9.30am.

After putting on your gear, you will receive a thorough briefing on safety, the rules of the game and instructions on the use of the marker.

At around 10:15am the first game begins. Play continues through to around 3:30pm.

Summer Season

During the summer season games can also begin around 3.30pm and you can play until 8pm in the evenings. This can be a great time to play Paintball then head out afterwards for a drink and a bite to eat.

The choice is yours!
Each person should bring the following:

  •   Old boots or trainers

  •   Tracksuit bottoms and sweat shirt (or other loose clothing)

  •   A change of clothing

  •   A willingness to get ‘stuck in’ and enjoy yourself!
(If you do not wish to avail yourself of the ‘snack lunch’ option, please bring a packed lunch)

You will get…

  •   Your own paintball marker (gun)

  •   Professional face mask (which will not fog up!)

  •   Camouflage overalls.

  •   Anti-ambush hood (camouflage ) for extra protection and comfort.

  •   Your own battle-pack which holds 400 pellets.

  •   12 exciting action-packed game scenarios.
Getting hit with a paint pellet, especially from close range, can sting a bit. However, this is part and parcel of the game, and for most people it enhances the excitement of paintball.

All of our marshals are very experienced and our equipment meets all of the safety standards set by the industry.


Each person will be made aware of the rules and the marshals are present during the whole day to ensure that the rules are adhered to and to help players remain safe and enjoy themselves.
Each player will receive all of the following:

  •   Their own paintball marker (gun)

  •   Professional face mask (which will not fog up!)

  •   Camouflage overalls.

  •   Anti-ambush hood (camouflage ) for extra protection and comfort.

  •   Your own battle-pack which holds 400 pellets.

  •   12 exciting action-packed game scenarios.
We are happy to arrange or provide the following services for your convenience, at an additional but very competitive price.

  •   Snack lunch of sandwich, soft drink and chocolate bar

  •   Transport to and from our site

  •   A pair of gloves

  •   Post-paintball meal in a local pub / restaurant

Escarmouche - Shane's Castle

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