Paintball - without the paint!

A fantastic, simulation game of cat and mouse. You and your team are equipped with some of the latest Hi Tec LASERTAG GUNS. Dressed in military fatigues, 2 teams battle it out for territory and points within our 7 superb individual Game Maps. You will get an opportunity to play both forest and urban based games. Here are a selection of our maps, all designed to be combative, thrilling and very competitive.


Games last approximately 7 minutes and each player has up to 1200 shots per game.

This is as real as it gets and with the guns being so accurate, you will need to be quick thinking both on and off your feet.


Yes and no. Unlike Paintball, with Lasertag there is no impact when you are shot. You get to play all the exciting Game Maps that Paintballers normally play in.
You have to be 8 years or older...maximum age is 85
The guns are futuristic looking rifles with military grade red dot sights. The guns are equipped with unlimited rounds of ammo, so after your admission fee there is no need to spend any extra money.
You get 90 minutes of non stop gaming at Escarmouche. Games normally last 8 minutes and you will play both forest and urban game maps.
Everyone plays the game. Kids, schools, girls, boys, adults. Our guns are accurate up to 1000 yards so skill and cunning are everything in this game.

Escarmouche - Shane's Castle

Ireland’s largest Paintball & Multi-Activity Park just 20mins from Belfast