Football with a twist!

Kick off your event at Escarmouche with our brand new Human Table Football. This life size game of Foosball is great for team building, corporate events and family fun days. The Football game is 5/8 a-side so enter the pitch with your team, choose your position and let the fun begin.

Football players work as a team and the same is required for the Human Table Football.

Players on the same bar must move left and right together to move across the Football Pitch, defend and attack as you try to set up your striker and score those all important goals!

Our deluxe Human Table Football is played using bars, not ropes so you really do get the authentic feeling of the Human Table Football game. The walls on our Football pitch are higher than some pitches to ensure the ball stays in the pitch and in play for longer ensuring your game play is at its best.


Our FOOSBALL ARENA is built for 5 or 6 a side.
Yes, as long as you can stand up you can play.
Rules are simple, you must keep both hands on the sleeve of the bars at all time. Your team must score more goals than the other team. Just like in football. You can tackle your opponents, but your hands must stay on the sleeve.
We are using a silk sand that is packed and raked and provides a real fun surface to play on.
It's unreal....... COME PLAY SOON.

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